Safeguarding online

This project formed a core part of my degree, with my research revealing some perhaps less favourable facts about how young people are targeted online. With all cases, deception is the number one mechanism at play. Nefarious individuals or organised gangs will, of course, hide behind fake personas and try to engage with young, vulnerable people.

“With all cases, deception is the number one mechanism at play”

My aim with the ‘Emoji’ campaign concept was to create a contrasting tension between the ubiquitous smiling emoji, and the darker, hidden agendas that can lurk behind them. The campaign concept covers ads that promote a destination website. The website features an After Effects comp showing the same smiling Emoji moving with a fictional ‘terrorist’ character.

The ‘we can prevent’ website visual. Click to visit the demo site.

It would be my aim for the website to contain material that would traditionally be reserved for those working within education, or whose careers involve working with vulnerable people in another professional capacity. I think parents should also be made more aware of the dangers inherent in social media.





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June 22, 2018