Motorcycle Road Safety

Motorcycle Road Safety Campaign

I completed the “Hey Bikers” Road Safety Campaign as the final negotiated brief for my Degree. The final concept ironically came to me after I had a (minor) accident on my own motorcycle.
After previously being too concerned with the “seriousness” of accidents, my own accident made me realise that no one wants to be reminded of an experience like this (no matter how minor). I saw it as the difference between being told something by a someone in authority – or receiving helpful advice from a friend. As my target audience were also sometimes “at odds” with the laws of the road (namely speeding) this seemed like a good approach. More of a long-term preventative tactic, rather than a long lecture about the dangers of riding motorcycles, after all, the danger of speed is one of the attractions in the first place.


Click here to view the development work for this concept (PDF@ 6MB)


The development work for the campaign can be viewed by clicking on the image above – at 33 pages & 6MB it may need a few minutes to load, so depending on your internet connection it might be worth grabbing a cuppa after you click the link.




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October 28, 2018