The rise of mobile e-commerce has driven online shopping levels exponentially for several years now. The winners in this game, the likes of Google and Amazon have enjoyed bumper times. Consumers have also enjoyed the convenience of swiping to order their favourite things, which their finely tuned shopping preferences have sensed they might need. But this shopping experience, although extremely convenient, is lacking something the advertising industry has played on for many years. It lacks the element of surprise.

I think if consumers could embrace the unexpected, it could bring with it more personal discoveries and less cold, data-driven choices.

To put this into context, I went into town the other day to visit a particular restaurant in St Albans that unfortunately, happens to be closed on Mondays. We spun around and saw a little Street Cafe that we’d not noticed before. On approaching it we discovered it had won “Best Cafe in St Albans” –  can’t be all bad then. We had a lovely meal, and will definitely visit again.

So maybe next time you need something, try putting the phone down and just hit the shops. Take a wander and see where the wind takes you. Unless its urgent medical supplies of course, in which case – crack on as you were.